Climate Action

Citizen’s Climate Lobby

The Citizen’s Climate Lobby is a groundswell movement gathering non-partisan support to a proposed plan for carbon taxing.

They have local meetings usually once a month. If you are looking for opportunities to get involved – they have some great resources and action plans to contact representatives, etc.

Here’s a report from a presentation given to our group.

Check out their website for tons more info.

Salt Lake City Chapter

“As many as 1 million species are now at risk of extinction if we don’t act to save them; that number includes 40 percent of all amphibian species, 33 percent of corals, and around 10 percent of insects .”

Brian Resnick, Vox, May 7, 2019 [1]

Sierra Club

The Sierra Club is doing strong work fighting against threats to the environment.

The local chapter has tons of opportunities for action and meetups. Sign up for their email!

“In the past decade, 467 species have been declared extinct.”

Brian Resnick, Vox, May 7, 2019 [1]

“…How long would it take for evolution to replace the 300 mammal species that have gone extinct in the time humans have walked the earth? Their answer: 3 to 7 million years. “

Brian Resnick, Vox, May 7, 2019 [1]

Great Reading

Books by Naomi Klein
  • This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs The Climate
  • On Fire: The (Burning) Case for a Green New Deal
  • The Battle For Paradise

A Primer on the 2018 “IPCC Report” – NRDC

Dig deep with a Q&A on the 2018 “IPCC Report” – Carbon Brief

[1] “The Species the World Lost This Decade”,, Brian Resnick, Dec 9, 2019