We are a non profit corporation organized to advocate humanism among our membership and the larger community.

 Humanism Promotes
Joyful Living which can be achieved by Thinking Rationally and Behaving Responsibly.

November Meeting

Thursday, November 14
Eliot Hall
First Unitarian Church
569 S 1300 E, Salt Lake City
7:30 PM

Humanists of Utah is delighted to welcome Loreen Cleveland, who is one of the top executives with the Utah Pride Parade. She and another speaker (Liz) are heavily involved with the Utah Pride Center and will be speaking on LGBTQ+ issues and status in Utah. Her remarks will be followed by a question and answer session and informal discussion over light refreshments.

All Humanists of Utah monthly meetings are free and open to the public, and donations are gratefully accepted though not required. Please bring interested friends and family!


Humanist Celebrant


Jared Anderson (MA, BCC) is endorsed by the AHA Humanist Society as a Chaplain, Celebrant, and Lay Leader. He provides rituals across the life span for birth, coming of age, and divorce, as well as weddings and funerals. He specializes in designing personalized ceremonies that integrate ideas from art, history and popular culture. Contact him at jared@humanistsofutah.org



Humanists of Utah is a nonprofit organization supported in large part by dues paying members. Our other major source of funds comes from generous gifts, mostly from the same dues payers who give a little more. In February 2003, chapter member Marion Craig died and left HoU a bequest of $20,000. We invested this money in an endowment fund. The interest is still helping to pay for banquets, special events, etc. When you create your personal will please consider leaving a gift to Humanists of Utah.