We are a non profit corporation organized to advocate humanism among our membership and the larger community.

Humanism Promotes
Joyful Living, Rational Thinking, and Responsible Behavior.


Our June Meeting will be a Movie NIght. We will screen Science Moms, directed by Natalie Newell is the director and producer of Science Moms, as well as one of the hosts of The Parenthetical Science Podcast. Natalie holds an MEd., and worked for a decade in the field of Montessori education before choosing to become a stay-at-home parent, and pursue her interests in science and secular activism. ​This is a film that will give a voice to the science-minded moms – the women who are too often drowned out by the fear mongers, the shamers, and the CelebMoms. Through interviews with “science moms” who are on the front lines of this struggle, we’ll dissect the bogus claims of these celebrities one by one and explain in simple language what the science really shows about GMOs, vaccines, homeopathy, and any of these topics that are often in the headlines, yet even more often are misunderstood.

We also want to discuss the future of our chapter, including new officers, different meeting dates/times, and general direction of the chapter.

The meeting will be held Thursday, June 14 at 7:30 PM in Eliot Hall at the First Unitarian Church located at 539 South 1300 East in Salt Lake City. Please note that there is an active Sanctuary situation where the church is sheltering a young mother and her child from deportation. Access to the building is limited so please arrive no more that 15 minutes early or late. We will have movie type snacks for your enjoyment. Everyone who is interested is welcome to attend, there is no charge however, donations are always welcome.


Humanists of Utah is a nonprofit organization supported in large part by dues paying members. Our other major source of funds comes from generous gifts, mostly from the same dues payers who give a little more. In February 2003, chapter member Marion Craig died and left HoU a bequest of $20,000. We invested this money in an endowment fund. The interest is still helping to pay for banquets, special events, etc. When you create your personal will please consider leaving a gift to Humanists of Utah.