We are a non profit corporation organized to advocate humanism among our membership and the larger community.

Humanism Promotes
Joyful Living, Rational Thinking, and Responsible Behavior.

November Meeting

Thursday, November 8, 2018

We do not have a newsletter this month, but we are having a general meeting. This will be a follow up to a recent discussion about the future of our chapter. We have lost several board members over the past year. Thanks to Sally Jo Fuller and John Barns who are no longer able to serve due to constraints of age. Steve Hanka is talking a sabbatical to finish an advanced degree. Robert Lane is stepping down as chapter president but wants to remain involved in special events.

We have extended requests to a few chapter members to join our Board and are awaiting their responses. We still have several open spots that would be nice to fill. If you have a couple of hours a month, an email address, can attend two meetings a month please consider running for a chair on the HoU Board.

We are looking to be more active in our world, Jeff Curtis is anxious to take this lead. We have tentative plans to invite David Folland, MD, Mary Ellen Sloan, Buddhist Sensei, Monica Dobbins, UU Minister, Holly Richardson, etc. to address us in 2019. We are also planning Darwin Day 2019, our annual summer barbeque, etc.

The meeting will be held on Thursday, November 8, at 7:30 PM at the First Unitarian Church located at 569 South 1300 East, Salt Lake City. Please come and bring some friends with you.



Humanists of Utah is a nonprofit organization supported in large part by dues paying members. Our other major source of funds comes from generous gifts, mostly from the same dues payers who give a little more. In February 2003, chapter member Marion Craig died and left HoU a bequest of $20,000. We invested this money in an endowment fund. The interest is still helping to pay for banquets, special events, etc. When you create your personal will please consider leaving a gift to Humanists of Utah.