August 2008

Bylaw Changes

The Board has proposed some modifications to our chapter bylaws. The simplest are mostly housekeeping items that update the document to recognize the electronic aspects of our chapter. Section IV. 7 adds a Webmaster to the list of appointees the Board can make. Sections V. 2 and VI. 1 add the website and email as means of communication to announce meetings.

Of much more import are proposed changes to the election of Chapter Officers and Board members. This has always been done during our February business meeting. Traditionally we have also had a banquet in conjunction with our elections and reports to the chapter.

There are two reasons that the Board would like to move this meeting to December. Darwin Day with Humanists of Utah 2008 was very successful, but it came so close to our annual meeting that it was difficult to arrange for both events. Secondly, over the years, we have had an issue with our elections being at a banquet which meant having to pay for entry. Several years ago we started doing our balloting via US Mail, but there is still an undercurrent that our annual business meeting would be better if it were totally open without having to pay any kind of cover charge.

With these issues in mind the Board proposes moving the annual business meeting and elections to December. We have a banquet in December, but it is provided by the chapter officers. The Board believes that this change will make the meeting more accessible to everyone and will allow the chapter to really concentrate on Darwin Day.

Bylaw changes include: Section IV. 6 to move the annual financial audit to December, Section VI. 1 & 2 to move the actual election.

Current bylaws are available here and the proposed changes here.

A nominating committee will be appointed at our August social.

–Wayne Wilson

President’s Message

Our August 14, start of the season BBQ is next event on our chapter schedule. I’ll be heading to Costco for the hamburger “makings” and I’ll be putting together a large batch of my world famous (in my mind) potato salad. Other board members will be bringing a nice variety of beans, salads and side dishes. It will be held at the residence of John Young, 2127 South 1900 East, Salt Lake City, Utah. We thank John, his daughter Cindy king and their family for hosting our BBQ in his lovely back yard again. I hope you can join us starting at 6:00 PM. As always, it will be enjoyable.

At the BBQ we will ask chapter members to vote on the bylaw changes that were approved by the board and presented in last month’s newsletter. The changes are to allow us to make the December general meeting our Annual Membership Meeting, where we announce the board election results and do a little business.

Taking this action enables us to not only end the year smoothly, but also allows us to concentrate on our annual Darwin Day event in February. A plus is that it will make the Membership Meeting more enjoyable-after a few minutes of business, we will be free to socialize and catch up with one another, and eat the yummy food to be provided by board members. More information about the December meeting and Darwin Day will follow in subsequent newsletters.

I’m excited to begin our new season of events. We have a lot to do, and we will be looking for a couple of you to join the board of directors and a few volunteers to help with our second annual “Darwin Day with Humanists of Utah” on February 12, 2009, the bicentennial of his birth. Please consider helping us out.

–Robert Lane
President, HoU

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