Web Sites of the Month

February 2011 – Edge

Chapter member Flo Wineriter suggests the Edge website as a place to spend some cyber-time.

To arrive at the edge of the world’s knowledge, seek out the most complex and sophisticated minds, put them in a room together, and have them ask each other the questions they are asking themselves.


March 2011 – KickStarter

Chapter member Lisa Miller suggests the KickStarter website as a place to spend some cyber-time.

It provides a way for people to get funding for various creative projects. I think it is a fun way to be part of things and help make them happen. Issues that are really interesting to you.


April 2011 – Greta Christina’s Blog

Sex, atheism, dreams, and whatever. Thinking out loud since 2005.


May 2011 – New Humanist

New Humanist is the London based magazine of the Rationalist Association, promoting reason, debate and free thought since 1885. On this website you can find archives going back more than a decade, a blog, and more.


June 2011 – Elaine Ball Blog Spot

Elaine Ball, whose winning entry in this year’s Marion Craig Essay Contest maintains a lively blog.

She describes herself as a “dreamer, a teacher, and a student.” Drop by to see her thoughts and post your comments.


October 2011 – Jen-Hancock.com / Humanist

Flo Wineriter suggests this site which claims that “Being a good person can make you happier.”


November 2011 – Unreasonable Faith

I’m Daniel Florien. I was an evangelical Christian for over a decade…I was wrong.


January 2012 – The Capital District Humanist Society

The Capital District Humanist Society provides a supportive community for exchanging ideas, heightening our knowledge of the world and ourselves, fostering moral and ethical growth, and promoting the principles of secular humanism.


February 2012 – New Natural History Museum of Utah

An architectural marvel and a case study in “green” design created by community generosity; we welcome you to the Natural History Museum of Utah at the Rio Tinto Center. Come check us out!


March 2012 – Utah Rivers Council

Founded in 1995, the Utah Rivers Council is a grassroots non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation and stewardship of Utah’s rivers, sustainable clean water sources and natural ecosystems for both Utah’s people and wildlife.


May 2012 – Humanist Society of Santa Barbara

We at the Humanist Society of Santa Barbara share the conviction that rational inquiry can provide the best foundation for human progress.


June 2012 – Move to Amend

We the People
We the Corporations


January 2013 – Kids Without God


March 2013 – 32 Discordant Metronomes


April 2013 – Inside Climate News

The scientific community is certain with near unanimity that man-made global warming is disrupting Earth’s climate and that remedies are urgently needed. But public opinion and political rhetoric do not mirror the prevailing scientific consensus. We report here on continuing climate research and the controversies which surround the empirical findings.


May 2013 – The Oatmeal Quotations

A blogger who likes to draw just about anything and everything. This particular link goes to his take on some favorite quotations, but spend some time looking at the whole Oatmeal site!


September 2013 – Humanist Learning Systems

Think Better—Have Better Relationships—Feel More Fulfilled. This site, recommended by Flo Wineriter is a great introduction to the humanist philosophy